Little Gardeners - Sweet Strawberries

Little Gardeners - Sweet Strawberries

Thompson & Morgan Mr Funny Super Seeds Sweetcorn Swift

Thompson & Morgan Sweetcorn Swift Super Seeds Mr. Funny

Johnsons Organic Carrot Seeds Nantes 2

Johnsons Organic Carrot Seeds Nantes 2

Average: 1500 seeds

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Johnstons Organic Carrot Seeds - Nantes 2

Organically grown seed for easy and fast-growing roots. Grown by dedicated farmers using strictly organic methods, the seeds have been approved by Organic Farmers and Growers CIC.

Key Information:

  • Deep coloured roots
  • Good texture & a small core
  • Ideal for successional sowings throughout the summer

Advice & Tips:

  • Sow thinly in rows that are 25cm apart
  • Cover lightly with 1.5cm of fine soil
  • Firm gently and keep moist
  • Seedlings appear 14 - 21 days
  • For continuous crops sow every 2-3 weeks
  • When harvesting select alternative young carrots from the row, allowing the remainder to develop fully. 
  • Keep well watered and weed-free.

Useful Information:

When to sow March - July
Where to use Tomatoes, Vegetable Garden, Flowering Plants, Beds & Borders
When to Harvest: May - November
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