Johnsons Microgreens Coriander

Johnsons - Microgreens - Coriander

Johnsons Microgreens Beetroot

Johnsons - Microgreens - Beetroot

Johnsons - Microgreens - Gourmet Garnish

Johnsons - Microgreens

Gourmet Garnish

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Johnsons - Microgreens - Gourmet Garnish

Restaurant garnish, mixed leaves packed with flavour.

Key Information:

  • Ready in 10-16 days
  • Grow baby leaves all year round on your windowsill
  • Healthy and full of flavour
  • Increasingly popular in restaurants
  • Easy to grow

Advice & Tips:

  • Sow generously and spray gently with water to moisten the seeds
  • Place on a light airy windowsill
  • For continuous crops sow every 7 -10 days
  • Keep moist - do not all seed to dry out

Useful Information:

When to sow All year round
Where In Johnsons Microgreens Growing Trays, or in small trays of moist compost - ensure trays are thoroughly washed before re-using
Harvest All year round when approx 5cm high or when first true leaves appear
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