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Common Jasmine - Jasminum Officinale

Jasminum officinal 3L

Common Jasmine

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Jasminum - officinale - Common Jasmine

Delightful, sweetly-scented white flowers from June to September. Ideal on an arch, trellis, fence or area that needs covering.

Plant near a window so that the scent can be enjoyed.

Useful Information:

Planting Water pot well, and leave to drain. Dig a hole, twice the size of the plant pot. Mix some compost and general fertiliser into the soil. Remove the pot and place rootball with soil. Fill gap with soil/compost/fertiliser mixture. Finally firm in well with heel and water well. Water regularly throughout the growing season. Apply a general fertiliser to the soil surface every spring.
Position Full or partial sun against an east, south or west-facing wall.
Flowering White flowers June to September.
Height 5m x 3m.
Pruning Remove overcrowded stems when required.

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