Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler 260 m2

Hozelock - Rectangular Area Garden Sprinkler - 260m²

Hozelock Multi Sprinkler 8 Spray Pattern

Hozelock - 8 Spray Pattern Garden Sprinkler - 79m²

Hozelock Plus - Round Area Garden Sprinkler - 254m²

Hozelock Plus

Round Area Garden Sprinkler 254m²

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Hozelock Plus - Round Area Garden Sprinkler - 254m²

Hozelock 2in1 round sprinkler is a high performance sled garden sprinkler. It waters your garden in circular areas up to 18m in diameter. It has two different watering stettings. A four arm rotating sprinkler, which operates either as a jet spray for watering turf & established plants, or a mist spray for watering delicate plants or seedlings. This sprinkler gives you a nice even coverage, without puddling.  It has been designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure (1-10 bar). The sprinkler has been mounted on sled base, giving it balance on all surfaces, and is easily adjustable, turn the easy-grip dial to change the spray mode. 

Useful Information:

  • High performance sled garden sprinkler
  • Reach a maximum area coverage of 254m²
  • Two spray settings ideal for turf, established plants, seeds and seedlings
  • 1 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Max area coverage 254m² and a maximum 18m diameter

Useful Information:

Material: UV Stable Plastic
Connection: Male
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