Hozelock Aquasolo 4 Pack Watering Device

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Hozelock - 13mm End Plug

Hozelock - 13mm End Plug

Hozelock - Aquasolo

Hozelock Aquasolo

Holiday watering device

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Hozelock - Aquasolo Orange Cone

The Hozelock Aquasolo is a simple solution for watering pots when you are on holiday or to keep on top of watering in warmer weather. The ceramic cones form a re-usable water dispenser which allows a slow release of water directly to the plants roots. The cones are compatible with most standard bottles from 0.5-2 litres. To use the Aquasolo just fill a bottle with water, you can also add liquid feed if needed. The Small Aquasolo is suitable for plant pots with a diameter of less than 25cm, containing a single plant, it will keep your plants watered for up to 28 days. To ensure optimum performance of the Aquasolo, it is recommended to remove the cone every few months and soak in a vinegar solution, brush and rinse in clean water.

  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Ideal for holiday watering, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Compatible with most plastic bottles, 0.5l to 2l

Useful Information:

Material: Plastic & Ceramic
Contents Cone
Function Long Term Watering
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