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Gardman Adjustable Small Bird Feeder


Adjustable Small Bird Feeder

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Gardman - Adjustable Small Bird Feeder

A durable steel and plastic feeder that’s great for attracting small bird species.

A durable bird feeder designed to feed smaller birds and Robins specifically and perfect for deterring larger birds.

Key Information:

  • Adjustable height allows exclusion of larger birds from the feeder
  • Fill with seed mix, peanut bites or sunflower seed

The feeder will hold either:

  • 400g seed mix
  • 385g peanut bites
  • 288g sunflower seed
  • 400g peanuts
  • 850g suet treats
  • 185g mealworms
  • 6 Fat Snax

Useful Information:

Contains N/A
Where to use Outdoor
Suitable for Larger birds
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