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Gardena - Comfort Aquazoom Sprinkler 250/1


Comfort Aquazoom 250/1

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Gardena - Comfort Aquazoom 250/1

The GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom 250/1 is the ideal sprinkler for watering smaller rectangular areas. With the GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom 250/1, you achieve perfect irrigation of your lawn.

Useful Information:

  • Smaller rectangular areas up to 250 m² can be conveniently irrigated
  • GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation
  • Thanks to the infinitely adjustable range and width of spray, the GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom 250/1 with a spray width of maximum 15 m can be easily adjusted to the area to be irrigated
  • Combined with the Sprinkler Tripod, you can water your plants from above – for even irrigation of higher plants
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee
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