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Flowmax - 3-Way Tap Connector

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Hozelock - Flowmax 2 Way Tap Connector

The Hozelock 2-Way Tap Connector is a great piece of equipment as it allows you to connect two watering devices or hose pipes directly to one outside tap and has a third, and a handy outlet that you can rotate to allow water to be directed into a bucket or watering can. Makes watering your garden a simple process, as you can achieve 2 different watering tasks in one. You can have your sprinkler going watering your grass, while you water your more delicate plants with a separate hose.

Useful Information:

  • Twin outlets so you can attach 2 hosepipes
  • Easy to use with ergonomic valves
  • Connects to most outdoor taps
  • Ideal for use with automatic watering systems, controllers can be screwed directly underneath the tap

Useful Information:

Material: UV Stable Plastic
Contents 1 x Tap Connector
Function Garden Watering
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