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Defenders - Slug Gel

Defenders® Slugs Away® Gel is a non-toxic, odour-free, colourless gel that forms a barrier which protects plants from slugs and snails. Formulated using natural ingredients it is safe for use around children and animals including birds, dogs and hedgehogs. Unlike dry granular products, Defenders Slugs Away Gel stays effective in both wet and dry weather conditions and will continue working for up to two weeks.

Key Information:

  • A natural non-toxic barrier to protect plants and crops from slugs and snails.
  • Harmless to children, pets and wildlife.
  • Effective in wet and dry conditions.

Useful Information:

Contains Non toxic gel
Coverage Creates 30m barrier. Application lasts up to 2 weeks.
Application Rate Open the cap and apply a continuous barrier 3 - 5mm wide enclosing the area in need of protection, preferably 10-20cm away from the plants themselves. Close cap after use. if the nozzle becomes blocked, wash with cold water.
Where to use Apply directly onto soil or any hard surface - especially around planters, tubs, pots and specific target plants. Can also be used on vertical surfaces to protect doorways, hanging baskets and other similar locations.
When to use Whenever slugs and snails are active or when damage is expected of observed. Check barrier regularly and replenish when needed.
Pests Controlled Slugs and snails.

Use pest controls safely. Always read the label.

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