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The Big Cheese - Mole Scatter Granules - 450g

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Mole Scatter Granules

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The Big Cheese - Mole Scatter Granules - 450g

Mole Scatter Granules from The Big Cheese® combine natural plant oil extracts with biodegradable granules for the treatment of mole tunnels in vulnerable areas such as seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks.

The plant oils penetrate down into the tunnels and surrounding earth, tainting the moles' food source and eliciting an oral repulsive response, encouraging them to find new feeding locations. Works as an aversive product. Treats molehills and tunnels without harm.

Formerly known as Defenders Mole Scatter Granules.

Key Information:

  • Biodegradable granules coated with castor-oil soak through the soil and taint the taste of the food source (earthworms), discouraging the mole to stay within the treated area.
  • Natural treatment that does not harm wildlife.
  • Integrated easy-use shaker cap.
  • Safe for use around children and pets.
  • Year-round use, unaffected in wet conditions.

Advice & Tips:

  • Not intended for use as a biocidal product.

Useful Information:

Contains See Bottle
Coverage Treats 45m.sq
Mapp No N/A
Application Rate Apply 1kg per 100sq.m
Where to use Outdoors
When to use Repeat the treatment as and when mole hills appear
Pests Controlled Mole hills and tunnels

Use pest control safely. Always read the label.

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