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Quality durable Darlac vine scissors

Ideal for all delicate pruning tasks

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Darlac Vine Scissors for delicate pruning jobs

These garden snips are ideal for delicate pruning jobs such as deadheading. flower arranging, bonsai trimming, grape thinning and countless other jobs. Hollowed blades reduce friction, and they are sturdier than scissors and wont come apart at the rivets easily. The blades are coated for rust resistance and are easily sharped when necessary. These vine scissors won the Kitchen Garden Award Best Buy winning tool with a simple but effective hold closed loop.

Key Information:

  • Multi purpose garden scissors
  • Hollow high carbon steel blades
  • Small handled profile with effective hold closed loop
  • Perfect for floristry and precision pruning tasks

Useful Information:

Material: Stainless steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Blade dimensions - 34cm
Cut capacity - 5mm
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