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Darlac Deadheading Snips

Darlac Softies Scissors

Darlac Softies Gardens Scissors

Slim, lightweight trimming tool

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Darlac Multi use Garden Softie Scissors

Softies Scissors are a real multi-purpose scissor with many uses in the household and garden. Over the years they have become a firm favourite with flower arrangers for its large, pliable grip moulding comfortably to the hand in prolonged use. In the garden they can be used for cutting flowers, herbs, plant ties and twine and light pruning. The Blades are chrome plated for easy cleaning and blunt nosed to avoid accidental damage.

Key Information:

  • Cut capacity - 3mm
  • Extra slim profile
  • Lightweight trimming tool
  • Ideal for small hands
  • Hard armoured chrome blades

Useful Information:

Material: Stainless steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Blade Dimensions - 6cm
Weight - 58g
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