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Darlac Mini Bypass Pruners

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Darlac Mini Snips - Mini Handy Size

Darlac Cut 'n' Hold Flower Snips

Darlac Cut 'n' Hold Flower Snips

Ideal for safely cutting thorny stems

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Darlac Light Pruning Cut and Hold Flower Snips

Darlac Cut 'N' Hold Flower Snips are wonderful for safely cutting and pruning hard to handle and thorny shrubs such as roses and holly. They are purposefully small to cut with precision and control. These gardening snips are also great for cutting flowers for flower arranging, or deadheading when blooms have faded. The self-adjusting grippers on these flower arranging snips will accommodate all sorts of different sized stems so its an ideal all rounder tool. The stem crusher eliminates the need to bash stems making flower arranging quick and efficient. They also have slim, fine-pointed blades that will cut even the finest stem. The catch folds neatly inside the handle, which features soft feel grips for comfort.

Key Information:

  • Cut and hold feature is ideal for cutting flowers and prickly shrubs
  • Garden snips for flower arranging and deadheading
  • Slim blades allow access to very crowded growth
  • Self-adjusting grippers and stem crushers

Useful Information:

Material: Stainless steel, rust resistant blade
Size: Blade Dimensions - 5.5cm
Weight - 125g
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