Don’t be REDiculous!

The Watch Your Back! sun protection campaign for gardeners is back in major UK garden centres this summer, alerting people to the importance of sun protection and specifically sunburn, which can increase the risk of melanoma by 50%.

David Domoney, Adam Frost and David Stevens appear on posters in over 300 garden centres with the message; Don’t be REDiculous – avoid a garden sunburn! The campaign, devised by the Melanoma Fund, offers expert and targeted advice on sun protection and tips on early detection for all gardeners.

David Domoney says, “It’s so essential to protect your skin from burning in the garden, not just for the short-term discomfort but for the future potential health issues. ‘Watch Your Back!’ has a serious message, and along with a great team of gardeners, I am delighted to support it.


Skin cancer is now at epidemic levels and is the most common and fastest growing cancer in the UK.  Although we are all at risk, it’s outdoor loving men are more likely to develop melanoma on their backs and in areas that are hard to spot, making the warning signs easier to miss, leading to a later diagnosis and higher death rates. 

Julia Newton Bishop, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Leeds, says; “Gardening without a shirt in summer is asking for trouble as you are exposing virgin skin which is vulnerable and prone to burning.  Clothing should be the first line in defence so keep your shirt on, wear a wide brimmed hat, which can also protects eyes, and use SPF30+ on any exposed areas.

Long term over exposure to UV light is a trigger for accelerated skin ageing, keratosis and skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  It is sunburn however, which is linked with melanoma; a cancer that if not detected early, can travel to different parts of the body.

The ridiculous sunflower growing competition

The charity is running ‘The Ridiculous Sunflower Growing Competition’ to encourage all the family to get out, and start growing the garden.  Packs retail of a £1 donation in selected stores with prizes from Landmann, Kent & Stowe and Yo Yo UK  for the tallest (or biggest) sunflower in the UK.

United support   

Watch Your Back! is partnered with the Garden Centre Association, the Professional Gardeners Guild, The National Allotment Society and backed by 9 leading gardeners including; Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock, Andy Sturgeon, David Stevens, Joe Swift, Adam Frost, David Domoney, Anne Swithinbank and Toby Buckland. 

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