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Johnsons Lawn Seed Shady Place 500g

Johnsons Lawn Seed Shady Place 500g covers up to 20m2 

For shady conditions with good drought resistance

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Johnsons Lawn Seed Shady Place 500g covers up to 20m2

Shady Place is a top quality mixture specially formulated to produce an excellent lawn under shady conditions using different types of fescue and browntop bent. To help these slower establishing grasses they have been coated in SeedBooster, an innovative two in one seed coating of fast and slow release fertiliser which helps to speed up both germination and establishment.

Shady Place has the additional benefit of drought tolerance, able to maintain its appearance and colour in dry conditions. It is sutiable for areas in shade and partial shade from trees, hedges, fences and walls.

Key Information:

  • Each 500g box will cover up to 20m2 or 30 patches of 45cm radius
  • Ideal for damp and dry shade
  • Grows even in non shady areas
  • Fine appearance
  • Coated with SeedBooster

Advice & Tips:

  • Young grass will appear within 14-21 days under good conditions but can take longer when the ground is cold.
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Clear away any debris & remove weeds before sowing

Useful Information:

Coverage: 20m2 or 30 patches of 45cm radius
NPK Analysis: NPK 20-0-0
When to sow: Between March to October
Where to sow: New lawns, overseeding existing lawns, bare patches

Application Rate:

Area Application Rate
New Lawn 35g per m2
Overseeding 25g per m2
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